Bait Up Minnow Container

Size: 20 oz
Sale price$19.99


Bait Up and its patent pending Dual-Lid/Floating Basket design allows the angler to quickly choose live bait without searching through icy cold water. Its design also allows the angler to completely submerse it to replenish old stale low-oxygenated water without the loss of any live bait.   What does this mean for today’s active angler?

  • No more carrying those large, bulky, and sometimes battery operated bait buckets with you when you are wading or walking your favorite river, stream, or creek. The same thing goes with the limited space in a kayak or canoe, or while attending your ice fishing tip-ups.
  • No more reaching into a large bucket of icy cold water to search for bait fish. And no more need to empty out the water each time to easily retrieve a bait fish.
  • No more losing bait fish each time you need to replace old, low oxygenated water with fresh highly oxygenated water.

Bait Up allows the live bait angler to conveniently keep, carry, view, and select live bait without hindrance to the movements or demands required to be successful at fishing with live bait

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