Carbon XL Rod

Size: 9' 4w
Sale price$199.99


A Rod for All Skill Levels

The Carbon XL is designed for anglers of all skill levels who need a well-rounded rod for a variety of fishing applications.

Moderate Action & Light Feel

The Carbon XL features a moderate action that excels at everything from dry fly fishing to nymphing and even light streamers without ever feeling heavy or sluggish.  The Carbon XL series looks and feels like a rod that should be selling for twice its price!

A True All-Around Performer

All there is to it!  If you need a modest price rod to get any freshwater job done, the Carbon XL was made just for that purpose.

Model Pieces Weight (oz)
CBXL-273 4 2.7
CBXL-376 4
CBXL-484 4 3.3
CBXL-490 4 3.4
CBXL-590 4 3.5
CBXL-690 4 3.7

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