Compression Bags

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D/CODE™ offers a scent-free storage option for your hunting clothes with the D/CODE™ Compression Bag. The large 20”x 28” bag features a double-zipper design and one-way valve for quick and easy scent-free storage. Use the D/CODE™ Compression bags after washing your clothing in scent-eliminating laundry detergent or after treating your hunting clothes with an ozone bag. Have the satisfaction of knowing that your hunting clothes are free from scent by storing them in an airtight compression bag during the entire offseason or for your next hunting trip. The D/CODE™ Compression Bag comes in an economical 4-pack, which offers plenty of room to store a heavy jacket, base layers, socks, pants and more. Travel is a breeze with our compression bag’s one-way valve system. Once air is rolled out of the bag, the compressed size allows you to store more gear — scent free — in your luggage. And because our bags don’t require a vacuum to remove air, you can easily roll all your hunting gear back into the compressed bags for easy travel home from camp.

  • 4-pack
  • Easily stores large jackets, pants, base layers, socks and more
  • One-way valve; no vaccum needed
  • Compact storage
  • Perfect for travel

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