Odor Neutralizing Boot Powder

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Code Blue’s D/CODE Boot Powder is designed to help dry the inside of your hunting boots faster and neutralize odors before they start. Simply shake the Boot Powder inside of your hunting boots before going afield to help absorb moisture and neutralize odor during the hunt. Then reapply Boot Powder when you are done hunting to speed up moisture absorption and odor neutralization. The Boot Powder is also a great dry odor neutralizer for your hunting clothes storage container. Comes in a easy-to-carry 4 oz. shake bottle.

  • Boot powder neutralizes the formation of odors 
  • Dry powder absorbs moisture inside boot to prevent odor formation
  • Apply to your hunting boots before hunt for moisture and scent control
  • Apply after hunt to speed up drying and deodorize
  • Boot Powder comes in a convenient 4 oz. shake bottle. 

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