Vibrax Bullet Fly

Blade Size: 00
Color: Black / Flo Yellow
Sale price$4.49


Inline blade design runs 2 feet to 6 feet. Long-casting, designed for faster current or deeper water when maximum vibration is needed. 30% heavier than same size Classic Vibrax®. Inline blade spins directly on the shaft in a wider arc for more vibration. Dressed tail adds life-like attraction.

  • Machined brass main body with plated or painted finishes
  • 30% heavier than comparable Classic Vibrax®
  • VMC® Hooks are perfectly tempered for strength and extremely sharp for quick penetration
  • Dressed tail for added attraction
  • Heavy duty stainless steel shaft
  • Inline blade spins directly on shaft
  • Blade rotates in wide arc for maximum vibration
  • Plated or painted blade patterns
Model Blade Size Weight
VBF0 0 1/8 oz.
VBF1 1 3/16 oz.
VBF2 2 1/4 oz.
VBF3 3 3/8 oz.

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